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Projects Report in 2018 China Subways
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  • Projects Report in 2018 China Subways

    Dear Customers,
    At the end of the year, this is the moment of review and outlook.
    We want to review with you the dazzling achievements of Safeway Inspection System Company Limited (Safeway System) in the subway industry in the past year. It can be said that after becoming the market leader of law enforcement and logistics industry, Safeway System again become the market leader in the subway industry and own the largest market share in China !
    Key words 1 : The largest project amount

    In the past year, a total of 35 subway lines in China have announced tenders for security inspection equipment. The total amount of bid opening is 387653,329 CNY(equals around 57 millions USD), of which Safeway System totally wined 1,663,850,500 CNY(equals around 24.5 millions USD), accounting for 43%.

    In China, the production base of security inspection equipment is mainly composed of three places: Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong represented by Shenzhen. The competitors Safeway System face include Beijing-based state-owned enterprise with a long-term history, like Nuctech, also shanghai companies like Eastimage, and a variety of Guangdong private enterprises. Also some traditional high-end user like airports occupied by American brands.
    Although confronting such huge competition, Safeway System eventually stand out from the crowd and strive to win the favor of commercial users and government users with excellent products and perfect after-sales service, and gradually lead the market. We are now the idol of security inspection and explosion industry in China !

    Key words 2 : The biggest project quantity
    We conducted statistics on 2018 tenders in chronological order. Among them, Safeway System won the most bids, a total of 15 tenders. The indirect supply for the integration project is not counted. Please refer to the following list for details.
    2018 subways tenders and winners


    Last but not the least

    We thank all the valuable customers and appreciate your kind support and trust

    There are 9 product lines in total required for metro security inspection in China, including X-Ray Baggage Scanners, explosive and narcotics trace detector, dangerous liquid detector, walk through metal detector, handheld metal detector etc. Safeway is the only supplier in China who can develop and produce all the product lines and provide one-stop overall solution for the metro industry.  Safeway is a well-deserved quality brand in the subway industry. Our clients include Beijing Metro, Shenzhen Metro, Guangzhou Metro, Harbin Metro, Xi’an Metro, Wuhan Metro, Changsha Metro, Chengdu Metro, Nanjing Metro and other 59 cities and subways in more than 20 cities nationwide. In the future, we will be driven to do better and make persistent efforts. Safer World with Safeway !


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